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Michael Burton and his beautiful wife, Karen, live on their working ranch in the picturesque desert of Southern Arizona, near Tombstone.

The origin of Night Rider's Lament was an actual event in his life as written.

Michael was very touched when he heard that apparently Night Rider's Lament has affected so many peoples lives.  And, that it has become a legend in American Western history.

Being such a private person by nature, and living a rural ranch life, he has never been able to see it performed by Garth or others in a large concert setting, something he hopes to do someday. 

Being that private person, it is only now that we finally convinced him to create this website for all the fans around the world that love Night Rider's Lament.

This site will be growing and evolving with photos and other sections to be added soon.

Thanks to all of you fans out there of this great American song. 




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